Top (?) Digital Trends for 2014

via @paul_mcgrath, an interesting Forbes article on 5 Top Digital Trends for 2014. in a nutshell:

An Identity Based Eco-System: Sites like Twitter and Facebook reflect people’s desire to ‘showcase’ their online identity. Successful companies will design products and services that take advantage of this.

Content Curation and Aggregation: This seems an obvious one to me, but one area this could and should expand into is a more open system for outsourcing personal recommendations from friends.

I have personal communities on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc., and I’ve used services like Amazon and Homestars where I’m effectively anonymous to the community. An intermediary service that could bridge these private and public networks (while ensuring user control over privacy settings) would add the power of word-of-mouth personal recos to online shopping.

Video = Device Agnostic: This is where it’s going anyway, held back less by the technology than the established business models it disrupts. Geofencing video really doesn’t make any sense in the online world, but it’s a significant vestige of traditional television business that will encumber us for a while yet.

The 4 Screen Revolution: Not just 2 screens anymore, but 4! Reminds me of the classic SNL ‘Triple Trac’ parody.

Social Literacy Skills Required: I think this one is the most on-point. There has never been anything like social media in putting power in the hands of customers and regular employees. The point about C-level execs is good too. They can’t fully trust the strategies of their social media ‘experts’ if they don’t understand the nuances themselves.