A collection of presentations – not created by me unless otherwise noted!

 Lean Analytics Workshop

I was fortunate enough to attend Alistair Croll’s workshop at LeanUX NYC in April 2014 – these are the slides from that presentation.

Croll co-authored the book Lean Analytics, an analytics-focused companion to Reis’ highly influential The Lean Startup. Croll’s approach offers a framework for deliberate growth and iterative improvement for both startups and larger organizations adopting startup-like lean product development.






The Lean Enterprise – Keynote from Lean UX NYC

Trevor Owens and author of The Lean Enterprise

Possibly the biggest ideas in a single presentation at Lean UX NYC came during Trevor Owen’s keynote. Lean Enterprise is a framework for applying the principals of The Lean Startup within the enterprise: innovation colonies, radical autonomy, employee equity – this is not for the faint-hearted CEO. His book just came out, I bought two.






Passionate Product Ownership

Aaron Saunders, co-founder Comakers LLC